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  1. Under the Radar Q and A. June 6, 2001.
    The subtitle of the book is "Starting Your Internet Business without Venture Capital." What is the alternative to using venture capital to fund your business?

    Selling Stuff.

    I tend to surprise people when I say that. It's not the answer they were expecting.

  2. The Essence of Bootstrapping. March 28, 2001.
    Bootstrapping is not simply another way of starting a venture-funded business. It is not a way of treading water until venture capital arrives. It is a distinctive business system, suited to opportunities and entrepreneurial temperaments that are different from those that fit the venture capital mode.

  3. Golden Opportunities, No Bull. March 15, 2001.
    These days, the Internet looks depressing to a stock market investor or a venture capitalist. However, the bootstrapping entrepreneurs do not share this gloom. With all due respect, sir, this is going to be their finest hour. Based on this essay.

  4. Equilibrium in the Market for Rock and Roll. March 13, 2001.
    If you are waiting for the Internet to deliver an equilibrium in which creative artists are highly paid and there is a strong, systematic relationship between talent and success, do not hold your breath.