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The Weird Turn Pro: My Web Faves

"Arguing in My Spare Time," No. 2.25
Arnold Kling

Dec. 23, 1999 Revised November 12, 2001

"When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro" -Hunter Thompson, 1971.

Here are some of my favorite web sites. Under the table, you will find a further explanation of the criteria behind them.

Web Site Owner Reason to visit often
Tomalak's Realm Lawrence Lee Outstanding filter for articles on Web commerce
Arts and Letters Daily Denis Dutton Outstanding filter for articles on science, literature, and politics
Jakob Nielsen Jakob Nielsen Interesting opinions about Web site design and Net technology
Edward Yardeni Edward Yardeni Macroeconomic analysis and forecasts
Paul Krugman Paul Krugman Distinguished (former?) economist's NY Times columns, every Sunday and Wednesday
Brad DeLong Brad DeLong An economist's interesting observations on the Internet, technology, and economic growth
The Edge John Brockman Long interviews with science and technology "pop stars"
The SceneVirginia PostrelObservations on various topics, primarily technology and social policy
InstaPunditGreg ReynoldsConservative Law Professor's manic weblog

Some other sites worth noting:

Note that most of my favorite sites are one-person sites. On the Internet, a single individual's opinions or editorial judgment can be more valuable than those of corporate media.

Politically, the list is eclectic. Obviously, the freepers and NRO are on the right. Postrel is a feminist conservative, which comes out to be approximately libertarian. DeLong and Krugman represent the left. Krugman's Democratic screeds are so strident that I must say that I strongly preferred his MIT home page, back when he was an economist. His new home page resides at Princeton.

A site that declined and fell off my initial list is the GBN book club. What I used to say is that its book recommendations fit me very well. But nowadays, with Amazon's listmania I can get book recommendations relatively easily at