New Teacher or Course

This page is for teachers who are new to using vHandouts or who want to create vHandouts for a different course.

Teacher's name: Name as you want it to appear on your quiz
Nickname: Could be the name of your pet. Will not appear, but will help us keep your vHandouts separate from others
Course: e.g., AP Statistics
Title: (e.g. Joint Probability)
Key Words, separated by semicolons: (e.g. civil rights; school segregation; Supreme Court)
What students can read for help if they get frustrated: (e.g. chapter 6, section 3)
Where students can click for help if they get frustrated: (link) description
The following statements should be presented in fixed order random order

For a true-false question, select true or false and leave blank the correct answer and incorrect answers.
For a multiple-choice question, ignore the true and false and fill in the correct answer and incorrect answers. You can have as many incorrect answers as you want, using semicolons to separate them.
For either type of question, the explanation of the correct answer will appear after the student answers the question.
When you finish with a question, you will get a space to type the next question. When you are finished editing this vHandout, you can click "preview" and when you are satisfied with it, click "save."

Question True False Correct Answer (multiple choice) Incorrect Answers, separated by semicolons (multiple choice) Explanation of the correct answer Pick a Diagram

(preview will appear below; if you make subsequent edits, you have to re-click preview to see them)