Education Vouchers

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The basic voucher idea: money goes to students, then to schools

Voucher Experiments

All Vouchers

See the book chapter on Efficiency, Entrepreneurship, and Education

Public Schools TodayPrivate Schools TodayVoucher System
Cost per Student$8,000$14,000$10,000
Students per Teacher301015
Revenue per Teacher$240,000$140,000$150,000
Pay per Teacher$80,000$60,000$90,000
Overhead per Teacher$160,000$80,000$60,000

Progressive Vouchers

See the book chapter on Equity, Entrepreneurship, and Education

More for low-income students

More for students with learning disabilities

Problem of segregation equilibrium

"luxury tax" on high-tuition schools

Better information on value added

Supporters of vouchers: economists (market discipline), some parents in failing schools, religious groups

Opponents of vouchers: teachers' unions; anti-religious groups