Economics for the Citizen, 2007

Course Information

Arnold Kling, akling at gmu dot edu

Office Hours: Tuesday-Thursday before class, 3rd floor Enterprise, room 349

When handing in homework at the office, give it to one of the economics department secretaries, and tell them it is for Professor Kling. The mailboxes are confusing to try to use yourself.

This web site provides the organizational focal point for the course. All information that you might ordinarily obtain by attending class can instead be found on these pages. Students are expected to check the announcements page every Monday and Wednesday evening in order to keep up with administrative issues.

The list of assignments is crucial. Your grade depends 100 percent on turning in the assignments. There are not tests, not even a final exam, on which to try to get a lucky score.

The textbook for this course is Learning Economics. You may either purchase the book or read the chapters on line. The book The Science of Success, by Charles Koch is also required.

This schedule lets you know which chapters to read each week.

Lectures from past years for this course are listed as online lectures. These consist of outlines with bullet points, much as I would write on the board, accompanied by MP3 audio files. Use these as a substitute for live lectures.

Actual classes will be more informal and conversational. Active participation is strongly encouraged.