Table of Contents for AP Stats Videos

(Videos a-d illustrate using the TI-84)

a. Lists
b. Finding p-values (Useful around video 30)
c. Tests and Confidence Intervals (Useful around video 30)
d. Another way to do goodness-of-fit test (Useful around video 36)
1. Quantitative Data
2. Binary Data, Categorical Data, and Sample Space
3. Multiplication Rule for Independent Events
4. Failure Models
5. Failure Models, solve for n
6. The Birthday Problem
7. Joint Probability
8. Conditional Probability
9. Bayes' Theorem
10. Independent or Related?
11. The Doctors' Mistake
12. Mean of a Random Variable
13. Variance and Standard Deviation
14. Transformations of Random Variables
15. Adding Two Random Variables
16. The Normal Distribution
17. Natural Units to Percentiles
18. Percentiles to Natural Units
19. Case of the Missing Sigma
20. Binomial Mean and Standard Deviation
21. Binomial Distribution Calculations
22. Binomial Proportion
23. Parameter vs. Statistic
24. Bias and Variability
25. Sampling Distributions
()Why the square root of n?
()Review for Test on Sampling Distributions, Binomial Distribution
26. Confidence Intervals
()Why Confidence Intervals are defined in a convoluted way
27. Calculating Confidence Intervals
()Review for Confidence Intervals
28. Hypothesis Tests, part one
29. Hypothesis Tests, part two
30. Hypothesis Tests, part three
()Z test and t test
()Confidence intervals and p values
31. The t-test, part one
32. T-tests, part two
33. T-tests, part three
34. Proportion tests
35. Chi-square test for independence
36. Chi-square goodness-of-fit test
36b. Scatter Plots
  • test yourself
    37. Regression Line
  • test yourself
    38. Prediction Using Regression
  • test yourself
    39. Regression Inference
  • test yourself
    40. Multiple Regression
    41. Reading a Regression Printout
  • test yourself
    42. Box Plots and Outliers
    43. Simulation
    44. Experiments vs. Observational Studies
    44a. The Hill Criteria (more on observational studies)
    45. Experimental Methods
    46. Sampling Techniques