AP Statistics Lectures
Table of Contents
by Arnold Kling

Practice Questions, Chapter 2

Here are some sample test questions for Chapter 2. These questions also review some aspects of chapters 7 and 8. The test for Chapter 2 also may touch on those topics. Always interpret the problem and explain your solution.

  1. A student takes a county-wide math test and scores an 82. She wants to know her pcercentile, but all that the county will say is that 50 percent of all students scored between 66 and 76. Assuming that the distribution of scores is normal, what would you tell her is her percentile?

  2. Suppose that the probability distribution of your grade on any statistics quiz is normally distributed with a mean of 80 and a standard deviation of 12. If you take 15 quizzes in a year, what is the expected number of times that you get below 60? What is the expected number of quizzes that you take before you get below 60?

  3. You go to hear a lecture on health, and the speaker says that:

    What is the incidence of heart disease in people who smoke but are not obese?

  4. Suppose that in math your mean test score is 80 with a standard deviation of 15 percent, and in English your mean test score is 75 with a standard deviation of 10 percent. If you get below 60 percent you fail.